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Materialise Releases EOS Build Processor 1.2

Materialise announces the release of the EOS Build Processor 1.2. The latest update of this user-friendly platform serves as an interface between the EOS 3D printers and Materialise’s powerful STL editor and build preparation software, Magics.

The EOS Build Processor simplifies the workflow from 3D design to actual printing. Users of the EOS machines, who are typically found in the medical, automotive and aerospace industries, can import an STL file or a CAD file directly into the Magics software. In Magics they can edit, manipulate and enhance files, as well as prepare the build platform. The final file can be read directly by the EOS machines and sliced according to the build and machine parameters. With the slice-based technology, including an impressive slice speed and sophisticated slicing parameters, large files can be handled easily.

This efficient platform provides an easy access to and overview of all the EOS machines. Thanks to compatibility with Materialise 3-maticSTL software, complex designs with integrated textures or structures become 3D printable. The EOS Build Processor is also compatible with Materialise’s Streamics software, which guarantees traceability and repeatability, as well as more control over the process.

The Materialise Build Processor has also been introduced for 3D printers of SLM, Concept Laser, Leapfrog, Felix, Renishaw and Miicraft.

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