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Mcor 3D Prints Full-Colour Bust of President Obama

Irish paper 3D printer manufacturer, Mcor, has created a full-colour model of President Obama.

The model is based on a 3D scan of the president, that has been taken during a project led by a Smithsonian team last year, when Barack Obama has become the first president to have a 3D printed bust created for the National Portrait Gallery. Using the MCor Iris HD printer, full-colour photorealistic objects can be produced, as Mcor explains:

Full, photorealistic-colour 3D printing, like the one shown here [image below] on the right, communicates infinitely more than monochrome 3D printing, such as facial details, shading, textures and even personality, all of which result in a far more realistic bust than the monochrome 3D print on the left. And, Mcor full-colour 3D printing does so at 10-20% of the cost of other 3D printing technology and in a much safer and more eco-friendly manner.”

3d_printing_president_barack_obama_Mcor_colour_paper_3d_printer1In the following interview, Dr. Conor MacCormack, founder and CEO of Mcor, explains what role colour actually plays in the field of 3D printing and how using paper can be more eco-friendly:

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