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Mears Machine buys another Velo3D Sapphire XC metal 3D printer

Velo3D, Inc. (NYSE: VLD) announced that Mears Machine Corporation, a specialist in precision machining solutions, has purchased a Sapphire XC printer. The new Velo3D Sapphire XC printer at Mears Machine will be configured to produce parts from Constellium’s Aheadd CP1 aluminum alloy.

Compared to other aluminum alloys used in additive manufacturing (such as those with magnesium and silicon), printing parts in Aheadd CP1 significantly reduces post-processing requirements through heat treatment. The single-phase heat treatment results in parts with a nearly pure aluminum matrix that offers high electrical and thermal conductivity. Printed parts also have better weldability and solderability properties due to the absence of magnesium and silicon. Velo3D sees significant application opportunities for parts made from Aheadd CP1, including those that support critical defense programs.

“Integrating the Velo3D Sapphire XC printer into our operations represents a significant leap forward in our ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Roger Mears, CEO of Mears Machine Corporation. “This technology empowers us to efficiently deliver complex, high-quality components to our customers, positioning us as a leading partner in the additive manufacturing landscape. As our customers’ part needs increase, we can easily increase production volume with Velo3D’s highly scalable additive manufacturing solution, which makes it unique in the industry.”

Velo3D’s fully integrated solution, combining software, hardware and printing processes, enables unprecedented scalability and cost-effectiveness. Once a part has been qualified on a Velo3D printer, production can easily be extended to any system of the same printer model configured for the same alloy.

“As precision machine shops look to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies, like 3D printing, we are pleased to support their mission to modernize and better serve their customers,” Brad Kreger, CEO of Velo3D. “We are thrilled to partner with Mears Machine as they integrate a third Sapphire XC printer into their operations. Our technology is designed to empower manufacturers like Mears Machine to achieve new levels of productivity and innovation through additive manufacturing.”

The Velo3D Sapphire XC printer stands out in the laser powder bed fusion industry for its unique printing capabilities and large format. The printer uses eight 1-kilowatt lasers and can produce parts with a diameter of 600 mm and a height of 550 mm, with the option of 1,000 mm height for the Sapphire XC 1MZ model.

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