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Medicines 3D-printed with Sintratec Kits

A research group from the United Kingdom uses Sintratec Kits to print medicines. Because of its adjustable printing parameters, the Sintratec Kit is the perfect choice for research with all kinds of materials – in this case: pharmaceutical excipients.

Brugg, 8 March 2018 – Sintratec’s SLS 3D printer Sintratec Kit offers the perfect conditions for processing temperature sensitive materials. Unlike other laser sintering 3D printers, the Sintratec Kit allows its users to finely adjust parameter settings like laser speed and material temperature. The British company FabRx – a spin-out company from the University College London UCL takes advantage of this and uses the machine to print so called Printlets™, 3D printed tablets.

A revolution in the pharma industry

FabRx is the world’s first research group using 3D printing to produce medicine. Their goal is to make medicines more attractive to various patient groups, particularly the young or the elderly and to facilitate compliance of treatments. As Sintratec’s SLS technology uses powdered material to form complex 3-dimensional objects it is particularly suitable for this purpose. Medicines containing almost any drug compound can be successfully printed in a range of shapes, sizes, colors and textures.

“The Sintratec Kit allows us a whole new approach to the development of new medicines. Following the surprising results, we bought another Sintratec Kit recently!” Fabrizio Fina from FabRx says. FabRx’s works were also recently published in the “International journal of Pharmaceutics” and in 2017 they won the TCT Start Up Award with this project.

Read the entire customer story on the Sintratec website: http://sintratec.com/stories

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