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Meltio and Jupiter Machine Tool announce cooperation

The 3D printing industry is seeing another significant advancement with the collaboration between Meltio, a wire laser metal deposition specialist, and Jupiter Machine Tool (JMT), a supplier of CNC machines in North America. This partnership aims to develop and distribute hybrid CNC machines that utilize Meltio’s patented wire laser metal deposition technology. This technology, also known as Directed Energy Deposition (DED), enables complex metal parts to be produced efficiently and accurately.

Meltio and JMT have formed a global alliance with UnionMT under an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement. This alliance combines the engineering, technical support, marketing and sales capabilities of the three companies to create a unique trilateral partnership. This cooperation is designed to meet the growing demand for advanced manufacturing solutions in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, medical and agriculture.

As Meltio Sales Director, Emilio Juárez, expresses enthusiasm for this partnership: “Meltio’s main commitment with this new partnership with Jupiter Machine Tool offering to all types of industries in North America the ability to manage the entire manufacturing process using our unique metal 3D printing technology consisting of a Meltio head integrated into a CNC machine and a safe environment, to just produce and repair parts.”

Jupiter Machine Tool, based in Galesburg, USA, offers a wide range of CNC machines and tooling solutions, including 5-axis machining, vertical and horizontal machining, turning and milling, and bridge and gantry machines. In addition to the machines, JMT also offers engineering support, process improvement, quality control and service support. The integration of the Meltio Engine CNC into JMT’s portfolio significantly expands the possibilities for the manufacture and repair of metal parts.

Ray Whitehead, CEO of Jupiter Machine Tool says about this partnership: “The creation of a global partnership of Jupiter Machine Tool, Meltio, and UnionMT, located on three continents is extraordinary and exciting. Our tri-cultural synergy blended with diverse global technology results in the design and manufacture of 3 and 5-axis Additive-Subtractive CNC machine systems.”

Meltio’s wire laser technology is characterized by its high material efficiency, as it produces metal parts directly from wire. This method enables clean handling of materials and ensures almost complete material utilization.

This collaboration promises to further revolutionize the 3D printing market and enable companies to make their production processes more efficient and versatile. The integration of advanced DED technology into JMT’s proven CNC systems represents a significant step forward in modern manufacturing technology.

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