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Metal 3D Printer: Sharebot metalONE

Following years of research and testing, Sharebot, a modern and dynamic company, specialized in the development of high-precision 3D printers, will present its 3D metal printer dedicated to the world of research and development, educational and mass production.

Simple to use, equipped with a 250w fiber laser, 40 micron spot size and equipped with a controlled atmosphere printing chamber so as to allow the printing of titanium, aluminum and other metal alloys requiring high Argon or Nitrogen gaseous concentrations to be processed. The entire process is managed via a touch-screen display to ensure ease of use, log files are also provided to the user containing complete process information and images obtained level by level. The printer can be monitored remotely.

In addition to the metalONE project, the 60th installation of Sharebot SnowWhite, the only sintering printer for Italian thermoplastic powders, will be celebrated. This number represents one of the goals achieved by Sharebot, which has been present for years at the Univesità and Research Institutes scattered around the globe.

Sharebot will present the Italian innovation in the field of 3D printing to Formnext 2019 the most important international exhibition dedicated to the Additive Manufacturing and applied technologies sector, which will take place in Frankfurt from 19 to 22 November. This year over 630 exhibitors will participate from all over the globe and will have the opportunity to meet more than 27,000 visitors, a public made up of companies and professionals looking for solutions to revise and optimize production processes.

It is here that experts from a wide range of industrial sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering and many others, come together to discover additive manufacturing, industrial 3D printing and innovative production technologies.

Today not only big companies can equip themselves with a metal 3D printer, thanks to Sharebot metalONE even small and medium-sized companies with limited budgets can take advantage of this technology and take advantage of it. Even the world of education can begin to approach these innovations without investing hundreds of thousands of euros.

Sharebot is a young and innovative Italian manufacturer of 3D printers based in the north of Milan. More than 4,000 printers work all over the world and his team is proud of the results achieved. Academy and Support are two other diamonds of its organization and service throughout the world.