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Model flying: 3D-printed model jet in a field test

In a new video from the YouTube channel FliteTest, creator David presents the construction and test flight of a 3D-printed model jet. The “Cobra” jet was designed by supplier Eclipson and can be printed and flown with a T or V-tail.

The YouTuber opts for the variant with V-tail. A Bambu Lab 3D printer is used to produce the individual parts from lightweight PLA plastic. After printing, the jet is assembled. Thanks to the well thought-out design, this runs smoothly. Before the first flight, however, David is a bit nervous, as jets are usually more challenging to fly than standard models.

Despite a bumpy start, the first flight goes surprisingly well. The Cobra jet is agile and fast, but remains stable and quiet. On landing, there is a rough encounter with a puddle, damaging the nose of the jet.

Thanks to the robustness of 3D printing, the damage is limited. David uses glue to repair the nose section and takes off for a second flight. This one goes off without a hitch. The pilot performs various risky maneuvers, which the jet masters with aplomb.

Conclusion: The Cobra jet impresses with its performance and clever design. According to David, it is ideal for beginners to larger jets. The video impressively shows the possibilities of 3D printing in model aviation.

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