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Modix Releases Three new large 3D printer models, addressing the Aerospace and Automotive market needs

The new models will double Modix’s product portfolio from 3 to 6 models. The new models address the specific needs of the Automotive, Aerospace and Prosthetic markets for high quality large 3D printers at reasonable budget.

Modix, a global developer of large 3D printers announce three new printers. Based on the same design of the popular Modix BIG-60 Version 3.0, Modix BIG-120X and Modix 120Z, the new printers are:

1) Modix BIG-Meter: features a print volume of 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm at an introductionpre-order price of 10,500 USD.Printerdimensions: 1,300 x 1,470 x 1,830 mm, weight: 160kg.

2) Modix BIG-180X: features a print volume of 1,800 x 1,000 x 600mm, at a price of 12,000 USD Printer dimensions: 2,170 x 1,070 x 1,430 mm, weight: 240kg. This model unique extra wide width is designed per request of customers from the automotive industry.

3) Modix BIG-40: features a print volume of 400 x 400 X 800 mm, at a price of 4,500 USD Printer dimensions: 870 x 720 x 1,520 mm, shipping weight: 100kg. This model addresses the needs of printing tall and narrow objects i.e. the prosthetic market.

All new printers are delivered as self-assembly kits and feature premium components asthe rest of the Modix’s3D printers including: E3D Print head, DUET3D Controller, HIWIN Motion Rails, IGUS wiring, Gates belts, Meanwell power supply and more. Available add-ons include: 3 optional hot-end configurations: E3D V6 detailed, E3D-Volcano High flow, and E3D Super-Volcano for super high flow rates, air filter device, high temperature hotend and more.

The new printers offer the same set of advanced features as presented earlier this year with Modix BIG-60 version 3 including: 32bit controller, WiFi & web access, 7” Touchscreen, closed enclosure made of aluminum composite, leveling casters, advanced dual E3D Aero extruders and dual high flow E3D Volcano hotends as default. Furthermore, these models offer several key reliability features including power-off resume, filament run out sensor, 100 probing points based automatic bed leveling, stall detection and more.

Mr. Shachar Gafni, Modix CEO: “We are proud to continuously develop our line of products and offer an array of solutions to meet our many worldwide customer needs, customers who rely on 3D printing as part of their day to day business. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, Modix never stopped its services and R&D for a minuteand the result is in front of you. The demand for our printers is growing as the recognition for the quality of products and services is spreading. These newly introduced products are only yet another milestone in our road-map to provide an end to end solution within the 3D printing market. Several additional new models at various sizes will be available soon.”

Mr. John Van EL, Modix CCO: “Modix is extending its offering and providing better solutions for several new vertical niches. This effort will help our reselling partners to win more deals than before. Modix’s reseller network is constantly growing”