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Morphi: Free 3D Modelling And Design App For The iPad – Update: New Features

Morphi, the 3D modelling and design App for the iPad, allows anyone to create printable 3D models on the go using touch. Users can explore libraries of 3D shapes, text and colors and create 3D printable objects with basic but powerful tools.

December 29, 2014: Models can be shared on Thingiverse and exported by email in .STL format for uploading to 3D printers using third-party slicing software or for printing through 3D printing services.

The iOS 8 version Morphi 2.0 contains many new features and upgrades including:

  • Optional 3D model uploading to Thingiverse
  • Grid customization for 3D printers
  • Draw
  • Clipboard
  • Better Alignment
  • Improved Rotation
  • Merge and Group
  • Enhanced Ruler
  • Simple Snap to Grid
  • Lost button

The app is available for free download with additional features for in-app purchase. As an evolving platform, more shapes, text, colors and tools will be offered in the future to expand the design possibilities. A version for Android tablets is still in development but coming soon.


September 9, 2015: Morphi version 2.3 now available

The latest version of the intuitive 3D modelling app has just been released. Morphi’s new features integrate the app with Adobe Creative Cloud to expand 3D design possibilities:

  • Download and edit Adobe Creative Cloud files (png, jpeg) from Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Download and edit stl files from Photoshop in Morphi
  • Export Morphi STL files to Creative Cloud for easy access to continue editing in Photoshop

Morphi v2.3 for iPad/iPad mini can be downloaded here for free.


December 30, 2015: Update – New features for Morphi and Morphi Edu App

Updates for the Morphi and MorphiEdu App have been released and are now available on the App Store. The new features include a “Record Screen” button for recording and sharing videos of 3D model making in Morphi as well as an “Intersect” button for making unique 3D shapes out of intersections of shapes.

New features for iOS along with the release of an Android, Mac and Windows version are to come in 2016.


September 14, 2016: Update – New version available

Morphi has released a new version of the popular modelling app featuring tools for greater functionality. These include

  • a Type Tool for creating 3D text in over 75+ fonts
  • a Transform Button where dimensions, rotation and object positions can be inputted with the keyboard
  • a Pan Tool
  • an advanced Color Tool with more colors, tints and shades.

Moreover, existing tools have been refined and now feature

  • easier selection and horizontal movement of objects
  • an improved Up/Down Tool for better vertical movement of objects
  • tapping of objects to the grid in addition to dragging
  • clearer select all, save and help functions.

Morphi Edu is now also available in version 1.5 for the iPad and Morphi version 1.5 for Mac. Both are identical with version 2.5 for the iPad.