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Multec presents industrial printer with 6-fold print head and Siemens control Sinumerik MC

The combination of Siemens control technology and Multec’s patented HexaMove 6-axis printhead sets new standards in industrial additive production in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology. In addition to multi-material 3D printing, the new M800S scores with in-depth process control and quality assurance, significantly reduced printing times and a wide range of applications.

Multec’s patented multiple print head, which is equipped with a nozzle shutter and allows nozzle changes in fractions of a second, has already been proving its worth for six years. The consistent further development to a 6-fold print head in combination with the Sinumerik MC increases both the material combination, the economic efficiency and the process reliability. In addition, the Siemens Sinumerik MC in the M800S offers maximum process control in the area of volume flow control, paired with optimized performance in dynamics and quality.

In industry, production processes must be reliable, plannable and calculable. Here in particular, FFF printing technology has often been expensive, unreliable and associated with a lot of personnel effort. The new M800S impresses with both its 6-head print head and its industrial machine control system. Real-time monitoring and control of the volume flow, for example, ensure an enormous improvement in quality. Thanks to the 6-cavity print head, the machine scores with a wide variability of material and nozzle size combinations and greatly reduced makeready times. The nozzles can be assigned completely freely in the most common printing scenarios, and are therefore always ready to print immediately. Under-extrusion is thus a thing of the past, as are time-consuming nozzle and material changes before each print.

HexaMove savings potential

The 4Move, which has already proven itself in industry, completely solves the problem of dripping and smearing that is so common in FFF technology thanks to the intelligent automatic system in the extremely compact print head. The new HexaMove 6-cavity printhead significantly reduces ancillary costs and setup times such as nozzle changes and filament loading. Each nozzle is ready for use within a very short time and can be combined with other materials or nozzle sizes. Thus, up to 6 materials, 6 nozzle sizes or colors are possible in one printing process.

In addition to multi-material print parts and support material use, this degree of freedom offers reduced production times through nozzle combinations: large nozzles fill the infill quickly and effectively, while small nozzles perfect the outer surfaces.

Furthermore, the innovative continuous printing function allows fully automatic filament spool changes during the printing process – without pauses or operator intervention. Printed parts are thus printed to completion without interruption or waiting times.

Savings potential Siemens Sinumerik MC

With the possibilities of the Sinumerik MC and a CNC-controlled feed axis, error-free and high-strength printed parts are produced through real-time monitoring and control of the volume flows. Look Ahead control enables higher accelerations even in corners and curves with targeted volume flow.

At the same time, nozzle performance and wear are constantly monitored. Nozzle clogging is detected at the earliest stage and counteracted. Full position monitoring by Siemens absolute encoders ensure precision and repeatability. Optimized axis dynamics reduce printing time while maintaining fine print quality. The M800S combines the advantages of Multec’s multiple print head with proven Siemens control technology. This is an important step for industrial production towards significantly improved economy, process reliability and a much greater depth of application.

For more information about Multec, please visit multec.de/en/.

To learn more about Siemens, please visit www.siemens.com.

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