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Multi-Colour & Multi-Material 3D Printing: “The Palette” Launched on Kickstarter – Update

Canadian company Mosaic Manufacturing has launched a Kickstarter campaign for “The Palette”, a device enabling you to 3D print with up to four different colours and materials.

April 23, 2015: The small box transforms your FDM printer into a multi-colour and multi-material 3D printer. By cutting up to four different filaments and fusing them into one string, Palette enables you to create objects featuring different colours as well as materials such as woodfill, stainless steel, conductive or carbon fiber infused filaments.

We have already published a post featuring the device back in November last year, however, only few details, excluding name and release date, were known at that time.

The Palette is compatible with any FDM printer using 1.75 mm filament and running on GCode or x3g. Their open source software enables you to create a file for your printer and a separate one for the box (.SEEM).

7b69324957802c3c4fdaa325d0d64d8d_original-2Now you can pre-order The Palette by pledging CAD $ 849 for their campaign launched a few days ago. As it is already far beyond its goal of CAD $ 75,000 all early bird offers are gone unfortunately.


Check out their Kickstarter video below:


April 11, 2016: Mosaic Manufacturing ships first Palettes

About a year after the launch of their successful crowdfunding campaign, Mosaic Manufacturing has shipped the first Palettes. However, the team reported that at this time only 20% of their units pass the QC processes and testing. They explain that the Palette is a very systems heavy product and when one component doesn’t work, the entire system can fail.


“Discovering, investigating and solving these issues today are going to allow us to ramp up our manufacturing numbers over the coming months. This also allows us to harden our troubleshooting understanding so that you can have more information at your disposal when working on your Palette.”

Mosaic Manufacturing believes that they will be able to catch up with their backlog this week and soon get out 20 units per week.

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