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MyMiniFactory Limited Edition 3D Printer

MyMiniFactory the global community platform for guaranteed 3D printable content, has partnered with the top rated most affordable SLA 3D printer manufacturer, Elegoo Mars, to create a limited edition resin 3D printer for sale on November 25th in limited stock in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

The Limited Edition MyMiniFactory Elegoo Mars will be released in a bundle package at a discounted rate of £244 in the UK and 274 in the United States and Europe for a short time. The bundle will include a 20% premium store discount voucher and 8 premium models designed by some of the top 3D designers including: Devin Montes of the youtube channel Make Anything; Dany Sanchez the maverik behind MiniWorld3D; Fotis Mint the 3D artist behind the brand collaboration with Valiant Entertainment; Morgan Morey, better known for his powerful brand, Printed Obsession; Jukka Seppänen best known for his viral Moon City model; Dan Kelly the premium designer behind the first Elegoo Mars collaboration; technical artist and studio designer Tanya Weisner and the renowned artifact 3D artist Zane Rogers.

For the last six years, London based 3D printing community platform MyMiniFactory has seen the success and disappointments of many 3D printers. Elegoo Mars is one of the first machines to truly align with the values of MyMiniFactory, providing quality resin prints, ease of use for a first time maker and accessibility through its unmatched truly affordable cost.

MyMiniFactory is driven by its mission to enable a decentralized ecosystem for 3D creatives to share quality 3D printable files with makers. Since 2013 they’ve worked to ensure high quality, guaranteed to 3D print designs have been made more accessible to the world. Initially MyMiniFactory test printed each design and software checked each STL file before publishing.

Today the trusted MyMiniFactory community has taken authority of test printing while our platform and software checks continue to ensure each model is guaranteed to 3D print. By focusing on quality rather than volume, MyMiniFactory has become a trusted household name for quality, technically functional STL files. Today, over 100k files have been tested and shared by over 17,000 designers via the MyMiniFactory community around the globe.

Though MyMiniFactory remains an independent company, it is the first community platform to empower their community through a customized machine that celebrates and promotes their members. The Limited Edition machine will be made available to the public for sale on November 25th. The MyMiniFactory Elegoo Mars will be appropriately introduced with a sleek emerald green polycarbonate lid, functionally aimed to block out UV light and providing full access to the tank once removed. The Elegoo Mars shares the values of purposefulness and sustainability by its environmentally friendly construction and polished, compact design. The main body and tank are manufactured from a lead free aluminum providing a non-toxic build, lightweight feel and corrosion resistance.

For the last 6 years, designers all over the world have contributed to MyMiniFactory in an effort to build a space that shares their values of maintained freedom, long term sustainability, purposeful efforts and freedom. The Elegoo Mars has exceeded the standards of traditional desktop 3D printing while enabling those very goals: purposefulness in the form of quality, inclusiveness in the form of accessibility, sustainability in the form of inexpensive rather than disposable and freedom to create.

Chengxi Wang, CEO MyMiniFactory: “In celebration of the community’s efforts and in true alignment with MyMiniFactory’s values, we’re proud to attribute the MyMiniFactory Elegoo Mars collaboration to the shared message that high quality home 3D printing can come at an affordable cost without diminishing quality or our core values.The release of the Limited Edition MyMiniFactory x Elegoo Mars is not merely about a 3D printer, but our call to support the creativity of the 3D printing community.”