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Nano Dimension receives an order from a US defense contractor

3D printer manufacturer Nano Dimension has received an order for a DragonFly IV, the company’s leading AME 3D printer, destined for the U.S. government’s defense industry.

The customer is a supplier to the U.S. government defense community, in particular the intelligence ecosystem, enabling innovation for the next generation battlespace. It leverages solutions designed to support the rapidly evolving technological environment. This customer, like many others, sees the DragonFly IV® as a critical means to advance innovation in a way that other technologies of electronics manufacturing cannot achieve.

The DragonFly IV system and specialized materials serve cross-industry High-Performance-Electronic-Devices (Hi-PEDs) fabrication needs by simultaneously depositing proprietary conductive and dielectric substances, while integrating in-situ capacitors, antennas, coils, transformers, and electromechanical components. The outcomes are Hi-PEDs which are critical enablers of autonomous intelligent drones, cars, satellites, smartphones, and in vivo medical devices. In addition, these products enable iterative development, IP safety, fast time-to-market, and device performance gains.

Yoav Stern, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nano Dimension, stated: “Many of us, almost all of Nano Dimension’s management and a majority of our employees, have had prolonged and intense periods of our lives serving our countries in the defense forces, be it Air Force, Special Forces, Government Intelligence Agencies and others. As such, we are proud to be able to supply a unique group like this customer with technologies that will help fulfil national missions while hopefully reducing risks and saving people’s lives. It is an honor for us to be a business partner of such people, missions, and efforts.”

Find out more about Nano Dimension at nano-di.com.

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