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nano3Dprint and Finite Space enter into Partnership

nano3Dprint, a specialist in additive manufacturing, announced a partnership with the German-based project Finite Space. This aims to optimize material use and manufacturing processes in space to enable self-sufficient colonies.

The collaboration combines nano3Dprint’s 3D printing expertise with Finite Space’s goal of establishing a sustainable lunar economy. nano3Dprint’s A2200 multi-material electronic 3D printer will help produce lunar rovers, additional parts and tools for the space exploration team.

“nano3Dprint is the most flexible electronics 3D-printing solution,” according to Tobias Patzer, Finite Space Chief Technology Officer. “We saw that NASA had published research demonstrating advancements made with nano3Dprint printers, making the company a natural choice for this collaboration,” he added.

Phase one of the project will create a rover more than a meter long that uses metals, silicon and recycled plastics – all of which are degradable on the moon.

“A key capability of the A2200 is the flexibility we have in material choice and quality,” said Patzer.

Other features will be added as the project progresses.

The size of a microwave oven, the A2200 can be transported into space to quickly produce tools and parts. This reduces both the number of supply missions and the astronauts’ need for supplies.

Ramsey Stevens, nano3Dprint CEO, recognizes the importance of space exploration. “We need space for daily life; we rely on it for GPS, weather forecasts, satellite images and more. Continuing space exploration provides invaluable guidance for researchers and scientists to identify new resources and expand their understanding of the solar system,” he said. “We look forward to seeing how Finite Space will further space exploration with the utilization of this new rover.”

Find out more about nano3Dprint at nano3dprint.com.

For more information about Finite Space, please visit finitespace.eu.

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