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nano3Dprint introduces the ultra-high resolution D4200S printing system

3D printer manufacturer nano3Dprint unveiled its D4200S printer for submicron additive manufacturing. With a print resolution of 20 nanometers, the D4200S is one of the highest resolution additive printing systems.

The company aims to offer researchers and engineers new technologies and push the boundaries of additive manufacturing solutions. The D4200S uses scanning probe nanotechnology to revolutionize 3D printing at the nanoscale. The printer can print between 20 nm and 250 μm and achieves ultimate positioning accuracy of less than 1 nanometer. In addition, the D4200S can deposit functional materials with structure sizes from 5 μm to 400 μm with its high-speed microdeposition mode.

The D4200S printheads are suitable for printing functional materials for electronics, prototyping, R&D, industrial applications and bio-printing. The printer can process a variety of materials, including gold, silver, copper, polymers, metal oxides, organic compounds and photosensitive polymers.

“Our goal with introducing the D4200S is to provide accessible next-generation technology for top-tier research labs and innovative startups alike,” says Gretta Perlmutter, nano3Dprint Product Success Manager. “For example, one D4200S printer can essentially replace all the equipment necessary for lithographic processing in a cleanroom. While a fully equipped cleanroom could cost millions of dollars, the D4200S is a fraction of the cost,” Perlmutter added.

Customers can secure early commercial availability of the D4200S micro- to nanoscale printer starting today with a minimum down payment of 25% ($62,500). The total cost of the D4200S printer is $250,000, and shipments will begin later this year. To reserve your printer, email info@nano3dprint.com or visit https://nano3dprint.com/contact-us.

Find out more about nano3Dprint at nano3dprint.com.

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