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Nanovia launches Flex B4C filament for neutron shielding

Nanovia introduces a new filament. This semi-rigid, boron carbide (B4C)-enriched composite is capable of absorbing free neutrons and enables 3D printing of containers, fasteners, and any component subject to repeated shock in the nuclear and medical industries.

Nanovia Flex B4C filament can be used at continuous temperatures up to 70°C and features easy printability and mechanical properties similar to those of polypropylene. The boron carbide content is 25 percent by mass.

The filament is available now in 1.75 and 2.85mm diameters, with a price of 490€/500g spool.

This is Nanovia’s second filament for radiation control after Nanovia PLA XRS, which was developed for X-rays. B4C is also used for Nanovia’s on-demand filaments for sintering, such as Nanovia Cr SiC.

With this new filament, Nanovia expands its range of specialized filaments for demanding applications, providing a forward-looking solution for the nuclear and medical industries.

Find out more about Nanovia at nanovia.tech.

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