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Neotech AMT GmbH Launches Low Cost 5 Axis Platform for 3D Printed Electronics

NUREMBERG, Germany – May 2nd 2016 – Neotech AMT GmbH of Nuremberg, Germany has launched a new low cost platform for creating 3D printed Electronics (3D PE). Designated the PJ15X, this new platform enables economic Rapid Prototyping and Product Development at an attractive price point. This unique system combines piezo-actuated printing technology with sophisticate 5-axis motion control enabling complex shaped 3D printing of electronic features.

Optional upgrades extend the capability of the system to allow the printing on traditional 3D Printed FDM or SLS substrates, the embedding of SMDs and low temperature post processing. The system has a modular configuration and uses a standardised high performance control system offering a clear path to future high volume manufacturing.

We have been developing 3D Printing of Electronics at Neotech since 2009 where the main focus has been systems for mass production,” explains Dr. Martin Hedges, Managing Director of Neotech. “These platforms enable functional traces, such as antennas, heaters and sensors, to be printed directly onto virtually any type of substrate and shape. The patented technology has a proven track record but the current manufacturing systems have capacity and investment level beyond the needs of many customers. With the launch of the PJ15X we are significantly increasing the accessibility to this novel technology and also extending the application range for 3D Printed Electronics.”