Home Lifestyle & Art NEUROTIQ – 3D Printed Headdress Responds to Brain Activity

NEUROTIQ – 3D Printed Headdress Responds to Brain Activity

Fashion designer Kristin Neidlinger created in collaboration with the company MACHINIC and designers Grant Patterson and Nathan Tucker a unique headdress.

NEUROTIQ is made of 14 3D printed synapse-like light points, so called globules, that are equipped with LED lights. These lights respond to 14 EEG brain sensors placed on the wearer’s scalp. Each color represents a different state of the brain, e.g. red for deep sleep, orange for mediation and yellow-greeen for consciousness.

The 3D printed globules were integrated into a nylon knit, together with Sensoree’s therapeutic bio.media, which enables the visual perception and tactile feedback of NEUROTIQ.

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