Home Industry Next Generation Cessna Denali Features 3D Printed Propeller Engine

Next Generation Cessna Denali Features 3D Printed Propeller Engine

Textron has unveiled the next generation Cessna Denali, a business aircraft powered by 3D printed propeller engine that is efficient and powerful enough to fly from Miami to New York.

The engine has been developed by Textron and GE Aviation and features a handful of complex 3D printed titanium and steel components, replacing hundreds of individual parts. Additionally, GE included technology from jet engines that will allow pilots to control the engine and propeller with a single lever. These advancements result in 20% less fuel consumption and 10% more power when compared to engines in the same class.


According to Textron’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, Michael Thacker, the new Cessna Denali will set out for its maiden flight in 2018. While tests of a new airplane usually take a year, “the order book is already open“, the company states.

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