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New Growth Funding for MedTech Company Mecuris GmbH

German med-tech company Mecuris GmbH has successfully concluded a new funding round amounting to 3.6 million euros. In addition to the seed investors Bayern Kapital and High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), the international investment company Mulcan, life science venture capital investor Vesalius Biocapital, and Sana Kliniken AG, one of the top five hospital chains in Germany, are once again also on board.

The Munich-based start-up has set out to revolutionize the O&P industry through its innovative Mecuris Solution Platform. This online platform represents a digital workshop, in which patient-specific prostheses and orthoses can be quickly and easily tailored and realised using 3D printing. The digital process chain behind it enables CPOs and users to co-create an aid optimized in terms of color, form and function

The primary goal at Mecuris was initially to familiarize orthopaedic professionals with the online platform to digitize traditional crafts – where sensibly possible and time-saving. Last year, the company came much closer to this goal: “The development of Mecuris into a provider of digital algorithms is now clearly accepted by partners in orthopedic patient care as a step into the future. In order to consistently continue along this path and in view of the milestones achieved in 2019, all investors in the Serie-A round have decided, as planned, to continue to provide the company with the necessary resources,” says industry expert Johannes Schneider-Littfeld, who took over the chairmanship of the Mecuris Advisory Board in mid-2019.

In 2020, the orthotics sector will also become digital.
Mecuris will use the funds both to increase market penetration of the European market and to expand its platform in the field of orthotics, which is planned for the end of March. From then on, the Digital Prosthetic Workshop for the creation of individual prostheses will be supplemented by the Digital Orthotic Workshop. This will provide CPOs with a simple, intuitive and, above all, time-saving way of creating orthoses completely or using partial steps in a web-based workflow.