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New law for 3D printed weapons in California

Of cause its possible to 3D print weapons that consists of metal with professional metal 3D printers, but the real problem were 3D printed weapons that could be printed with every desktop FDM 3D printer. These 3D printed weapons are becoming more and more a problem for the police because everyone can build them at home and after a crime you can melt or burn them easily.

Because of these problems the governor of California, Jerry Brown, has decided to create a law that tries to fight against the problems of 3D printed weapons. With the new law 3D printed weapons need a serial number from the department of justice. To get this number a background check is made and this process will be similar to the steps that are required to buy a conventional gun in California. Furthermore 3D printed weapons need at least one part that consists out of stainless steel. This should make it impossible to slip through metal detectors.

But it’s not clear how efficient the new law will be and critics have already said that this law will not take out every risk of 3D printed guns. If anyone wants to print a gun only out of plastic he still would be able to do so – of cause its illegal but that will not matter for terrorists or other bad people.

So if they DONT put a piece of metal inside the gun THEN WHAT?
This doesnt go nearly far enough to solve the problem of unregulated guns.
Instead of a misdemeanor it should be a life felony – since guns are made to take lives.

Only a short time ago and report told that 3D printing will threaten the safety of the UK.