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New software from Gravity Pull enables 30% cost optimization in 3D printing

Gravity Pull introduces the new “Schedule Optimizer” in its Synoptik software suite. This feature uses AI to analyze relevant production data such as part geometry, volume, customer order parameters, and material consumption to optimize production costs.

The configurable “Schedule Optimizer” of software suite Synoptik analyzes AI-based relevant production data such as component geometry, volume, customer order parameters, material consumption, and identifies optimal economic results. If parameters change during ongoing production, the total operating costs are dynamically recalculated and optimization suggestions are generated that recommend the best possible use of resources, work / logistics processes including post-processing.

This is enabled by simulating a wide variety of scenarios to ensure resource-saving and sustainable production. Expected and unexpected incidents during the course of production are simulated, and the effects of changes in the schedule are examined.

Compared to conventional calculation methods, the “Schedule Optimizer” achieves an optimization and cost potential of around 30% and higher, depending on individual business case requirements.

The software can be integrated into more than 50 existing programs such as SAP via an API interface or can be used in conjunction with Synoptik’s own MES / Trace &Tracking tool. Synoptik is available as an on-premise or cloud solution.

As a qualification and collaboration platform, Synoptik offers the basis for building an ecosystem that integrates all process partners – manufacturers, suppliers, customers. The parties involved work together on the same level of knowledge and information throughout the entire process lifecycle in additive manufacturing. The product design is secured via an integrated blockchain application.

Find out more about Gravity Pull at gpsyst.com.

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