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New Stacker S4 Industrial-Grade 3D Printer Unveiled

3D printer manufacturer Stacker has unveiled their latest 3D printer model, the Stacker S4 at the Hannover Fair taking place in Germany this week.

The industrial-grade 3D printer with a maximum build volume of 355 x 525 x 650 mm can work with up to four print heads, producing four parts at once thanks to its “multi-part” technology.  Each of the print heads can be removed to maximise the build area. While being optimised for high-tech composite filaments such as colorFabb’s XT-CF20, the S4’s universal filament rail accepts any filament on the market.

The Stacker S4 can operate in three different print modes. The single-part mode is used to print one part using one print head, the multi-part mode allows you to print multiple copies (up to four) of the same exact part, and the multi-material mode enables users to print one part with more than one type of material.

Technical specifications:

  • Technology: FFF
  • MAX X/Y print area one print head printing: 355mm x 525mm (13.98″ x 20.67″)
  • MAX X/Y print area two heads printing: 355mm x 240mm (13.98″ x 9.45″)
  • MAX X/Y print area three heads printing: 355mm x 143.5mm (13.98″ x 5.56″)
  • MAX X/Y print area four heads printing: 355mm x 96mm (13.98″ x 3.78″)
  • MAX Z height print area: 650mm (25.59″)
  • Filament: 1.75 mm
  • Max. Temperature: 300°C
  • Layer resolution: 0.1 mm to 1 mm
  • Print speed: 10 to 150 mm/s
  • Print bead: heated, custom PCB
  • Dimensions: 720 x 1100 x 900 mm
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • Software: Stacker Run (custom version of Repetier Host)
  • File types: ST, OBJ, AMF

The Stacker S4 is currently available for the pre-buy price of $ 9,995 which is $ 2,000 off the expected retail price. Deliveries will start in July 2016.