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The Next Rembrandt Was Created With A Lot Of Data Processing And 3D Printing

The Next Rembrandt is a collaboration from TU Delft, Microsoft, ING Bank, Museum Het Rembrandthuis and Mauritshuis, who created a remarkable painting.

To create a painting which looks like a real painting from the 17th century Dutch master Rembrandt, the team analysed 346 known paintings over 18 months. With this data a digital representation of Rembrandt´s style was created.

Prof Joris Dik, who led the Delft University of Technology team, told THE GUARDIAN: “There’s a lot of Rembrandt data available – you have this enormous amount of technical data from all these paintings from various collections. And can we actually create something out of it that looks like Rembrandt? That’s an appealing question.”

As a real painting consists of many different strokes which are creating some kind of depth to the painting, the team decides that the painting should make use of 3D printing to mimic that effect. To make the texture and depth as realistic as possible the original paintings were 3D scanned and analysed. The finished work was then created on a 3D printer with UV ink that was deposited in 13 layers.

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