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NICE Rapid introduces 3D printing service for injection molds

NICE Rapid, a specialist in injection molding and rapid tooling, announces a new 3D printing service. This involves 3D printing injection molds to facilitate mass production with injection molding.

The manufacturing process has traditionally been expensive, time-consuming, and wasteful. Even though additive manufacturing addresses the majority of these problems, it has size and batch automation restrictions that make it challenging to use on a broader scale. NICE Rapid is bridging these procedural gaps for the production teams of every business with the new product 3D Printing Services.

In addition, there is increasing demand for 3D printing technology combined with the rising demand for high-performance materials from industries including automotive, aerospace, military, and medical. As 3D printing for injection mould is increasingly used for medium-to-high volume parts, NICE Rapid provides the easiest way to source high-quality 3D printed prototypes and production parts.

The implication that 3D printing procedures are typically more affordable than conventional injection molding techniques is a big advantage of making parts this way. This is primarily caused by the fact that 100% computer-controlled production methods require less raw material to manufacture the same part and take less time. Moreover, stereolithography (SLA), an additive manufacturing process that can 3D print parts with small features, tight tolerance requirements, and smooth surface finishes, is used at NICE RAPID. As a result, the service at NICE Rapid not only has a cost and time-saving benefit, but it is also much more environmentally friendly, with a large reduction in materials and electricity used during the manufacturing process, as well as carbon during shipping.

The presence of 3D Printing Service shows the continuous improvement and better service quality of NICE Rapid.

The spokesperson shared: “The company is committed to providing customers with the ultimate service in manufacturing excellence and superior customer service standards.”

Find out more about NICE Rapid at nicerapid.com.

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