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Nikon SLM Solutions and Howco Metals expand 3D printing partnership

Nikon SLM Solutions, a specialist in metal additive manufacturing, announces an expansion of its partnership with Howco Metals Management LLC.

This enhanced collaboration is marked by Howco’s recent acquisition of two new SLM280 PS systems and an exclusive initiative to develop and implement high-quality process parameters for the C103 alloy, which is specifically designed for aerospace applications. Howco has been granted exclusive rights for non-military applications of C103 on the Nikon SLM280 and SLM500 systems for three years.

This strategic development enables Howco to significantly expand its manufacturing capabilities and now includes a total of four advanced Nikon SLM machines. The initiative not only strengthens Howco’s manufacturing capacity, but also diversifies the company’s material offering, particularly with the introduction of C103 – a high-performance alloy known for its robustness at high temperatures and specifically developed to meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry.

“Partnering with Nikon SLM Solutions has equipped us with unparalleled technological support, enabling us to expand into new markets beyond our traditional scope,” said Conrad Kao, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Howco. “These advanced SLM®280 PS systems empower us to enhance our operational efficiency and cater to the intricate needs of the aerospace industry.”

The focus of the collaboration is to optimize the unique properties of C103 for rocket nozzles and other high-temperature applications to ensure Howco remains at the forefront of aerospace innovation.

“This partnership is instrumental as we continue to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing,” commented Antony Browy, Regional Sales Manager at Nikon SLM Solutions. “The exclusive development of C103 process parameters sets a new industry benchmark, ensuring Howco not only meets but exceeds the stringent quality and performance standards demanded by the aerospace sector.”

Through this expanded collaboration, both Nikon SLM Solutions and Howco Metals Management are positioning themselves at the forefront of technological innovation by further improving the efficiency and quality of additive manufacturing for highly specialized applications.

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