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Nikon SLM Solutions starts production of the NXG XII 600 in the USA

3D printing specialist Nikon SLM Solutions announced the start of production of the NXG XII 600 metal 3D printing system in the United States.

Production of the systems will take place at a facility in South Carolina and will enhance Nikon SLM Solutions’ ability to meet the growing demand for advanced metal additive manufacturing solutions in key industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive and energy. By localizing production in the U.S., Nikon SLM Solutions is demonstrating its commitment to providing reliable, cost-effective and flexible systems tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Charlie Grace, CCO at Nikon SLM Solutions and President of Nikon SLM Solutions NA, commented on this strategic expansion: “Establishing the production of the NXG XII 600 in the United States, allows us to better support our North American customers by providing them with locally produced, high-quality additive manufacturing systems. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in this expansion, and we are excited about the opportunities it brings to our industry.”

Known for its exceptional productivity, reliability and advanced features, the NXG XII 600 is set to revolutionize manufacturing processes with its unmatched performance and efficiency. By localizing the supply of these systems, Nikon SLM Solutions aims to ensure faster delivery times, improved customer support and a strengthened presence in the US market.

With this strategic expansion, Nikon SLM Solutions is solidifying its position as a leader in additive manufacturing while supporting the growing industrial needs of its North American customers.

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