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nTop updates its 3D printing software

nTop, a provider of calculation software for high-performance engineering, has released nTop 5, the next generation of its flagship software.

A key feature of nTop 5 is the optimized handling of complex geometries through the new modeling kernel. Compared to conventional CAD software solutions based on Boundary Representation (B-Rep), nTop’s implicit core enables models to be created much more efficiently and accurately. This technology is particularly useful for the development of high-performance products such as heat exchangers, lightweight aerospace components and patient-specific implants.

In addition, nTopology has announced integration with five new software partners that can natively read and query the new implicit models. This includes mechanical simulation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools, enabling a seamless workflow from modeling to manufacturing. One of these partnerships, the collaboration with Materialise, allows 3D printed parts to be imported directly into Magics for further processing without the need for mesh conversion. This integration is intended to significantly reduce preparation and cutting times and is supported by an Early Access Program.

In practice, the benefits of the new modeling kernel are particularly evident in the simulation and analysis of complex structures. Conventional methods based on mesh-based approaches reach their limits with very fine and detailed geometries, as the generation of meshes and subsequent analysis can be very time-consuming. With nTop 5, simulations can now be carried out directly on the implicit models, which considerably reduces iteration times. This is particularly beneficial for companies that use iterative design processes to continuously improve their products.

Christopher Yakacki, Engineering Research Principal at Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control had this to say after working with the Intact integration, “The integration of Intact.Simulation in nTop removes the meshing bottleneck and enables us to simulate complex geometry and lattices at the same pace we design. This has the potential of accelerating the optimization of these structures exponentially. nTop’s partnership with Intact is an example of their commitment to address their customers’ engineering challenges.”

In conclusion, nTop 5 represents an important step in the further development of 3D printing. The introduction of a new modeling kernel and integration with leading simulation tools will further increase efficiency and precision in design processes. These developments offer engineers and designers the opportunity to realize even more complex and powerful products.

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