Home Applications & Case Studies Oceanz presents PA11 BLUE – their newest, food-safe 3D-printing material

Oceanz presents PA11 BLUE – their newest, food-safe 3D-printing material

Food & Agriculture is a highly productive and innovative sector. It is a sector that will face enormous challenges and opportunities in the coming years, such as climate, energy and biodiversity. Smarter and sustainable food production requires new technology.

Additive Manufacturing can make an enormous contribution to this. Think of 3D Foodprinting for the future, but certainly also the technological solutions in the Agri and Foodtech sectors. Such as machine parts, packaging and prototypes. And of course all in accordance with the correct guidelines, such as the EC 1935/2004.

To supply a food-safe 3D printed product, the material must be suitable according to EC 1935/2004 EU legislation and produced according to EC directive 2023/2006 (Good Manufacturing Process). The material is thus safe for the production of goods for consumption purposes or may come into contact with food.

The choice to opt for 3D printing within the food tech industry offers advantages such as design freedom. Think of the production of custom parts and complex or organic shapes. This, in particular, can be very attractive for food-related applications. It also enables small stocks and ensures rapid development from prototypes to functional parts. Some application examples: grippers, nozzles, machine parts, prototypes, robots, and drones. Oceanz Food Grade is also well applicable within the AgriTech sector.

Oceanz Food Grade – PA11 BLUE

Parts printed in Oceanz Food Grade Blue will have the characteristic blue colour of food contact plastics. Oceanz PA11 BLUE consists of a food contact compliant PA11 powder. This powder has been treated with a food contact compliant blue colorant, which results in 3D printed parts with a durable blue colour through-and-through.

Untreated (raw) samples of Oceanz PA11 BLUE / Picture: Oceanz

Oceanz PA11 Blue complies with the EU regulatory requirements of the food processing industry:

  • EC 1935/2004
  • EU 10/2011
  • EC 2023/2006

Typical applications are extrusion nozzles, grippers, moulds and machine parts for direct food processing as well as indirect food processing, e.g. food packaging industry. All Oceanz PA11 Blue orders are polished and are processed in their ISO 9001 environment. Each order will be provided with a declaration of conformity.

Find out more about Oceanz at oceanz.eu.

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