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One Click Metal presents modular concept for 3D metal printing

The company One Click Metal has introduced a modular system for 3D metal printers. The idea: users can choose between different interchangeable “build modules” to adapt the machine to their specific requirements.

According to the manufacturer, the modules can be easily integrated into the BOLDseries 3D printers thanks to identical mechanical and electrical interfaces. The printing systems automatically recognize the module used in each case.

Three build modules are currently available: The Standard module for large components, the Lab module for small parts and material tests, and the Heating module with build space that can be heated to up to 200 degrees Celsius. The latter is suitable for parts that have to compensate for high temperature differences between layers during printing.

With the interchangeable modules, it is now possible to benefit from the advantages of several specialized systems with just one investment, explains One Click Metal. Depending on the order situation, productivity can be significantly increased and material waste reduced.

According to the manufacturer, the modules are of particular benefit to small and medium-sized companies that are unable to purchase dedicated machines for different application scenarios. One Click Metal sees the innovation as an important step in making metal 3D printing accessible to a wider range of users.

At Formnext, One Click Metal plans to demonstrate the build modules live.

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