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Open Source Filament Extruder “Felfil Evo” Now on Kickstarter

Italian startup Collettivo Cocomeri is currently seeking for backers, who would like to produce their own filament, to fund their Felfil Evo filament extruder on Kickstarter

Felfil Evo is an extruder that turns pellets, failed prints or recycled plastic waste into ABS or PLA filament suitable for FDM 3D printing. According to the developer team from the Polytechnic of Turin, the open source machine can be created using 70% of recycled components that are cheap and easy to find. In order to make the remaining parts available at an affordable price, Collettivo Cocomeri decided to offer a basic kit along with a complete kit, both containing specifically made parts, that are rather expensive when handcrafted in single pieces. Moreover, a fully assembled version of the extruder is available as well.

Felfil Evo complete kit

Users can produce filament in the two common diameters 1,75 mm or 3 mm using ABS, PLA or any other material with a melting temperature below 300°C.

With 24 days to go, Felfil is getting closer to the funding goal of € 30,000, with currently 80 backers pledging a total of € 21,147. To support the campaign or get the Felfil Evo either as kit (starting at € 200) or fully assembled (starting at € 390), check out the video below and head to their Kickstarter page.

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