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The Organic Material Evolution Expands: Limited Production Run of Premium Eco-Filament WillowFlex

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It has been a few months ago since the WillowFlex Kickstarter Campaign backers have received their packages and begun printing was successfully funded (151% from 31 countries). The feedback? “good layer adhesion”, “the surfaces print really smoothly”, “it just worked right away with the basic settings!’ The world’s first Flexible & Sustainable 3D print Filament is here to stay. 3D Printing will WillowFlex allows you to create ecological objects without harming nature or people around the printing area.

BioInspiration Founder Team

The two fathers Brian Crotty and Thorsten Perl founded BioInspiration in 2014 to bring new organic materials to the maker-scene and distributed producers. WillowFlex comes in 10 colors (including natural) determined by public voting during the Kickstarter campaign. With WillowFlex, you can now take on the highest responsibility for nature, the health of themselves and the people that are working together in the space. Print with a smell more like baking bread than toxic off-gassing and watch your 3D printed objects decompose in your compost at the end of their lifecycles.The BioInspiration online-shop makes WillowFlex now available for every maker worldwide. You can also increasingly find it in shops from other resellers around the world. Visit it at shop.bioinspiration.eu .

Be a WillowFlex 2,85mm Pioneer
Until now makers working with the Ultimaker printers, other 2.85mm or bowden printers haven’t had the chance to test WillowFlex. That is changing now!
BioInspiration will have the first 120 spools WillowFlex 2,85mm in Charcoal, Engine Red and Natural ready to ship on the 9 th of June. To be part of this first production run, you can pre-order on the BioInspiration online shop. Let your creativity flow to Sustainability! Printing on a Bowden extruder with flexible filament is no easy task as you know. But our production partner ran a contest at a trade show that cracked the code to printing with WillowFlex on a Bowden Extruder. You can get the full details about
your print-setup on our WillowFlex Printing Guide Page .


WillowFlex features

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