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OtterBox Embraces New Stratasys J750 Multi-Material 3D Printer

Just last week Stratasys released the J50 multi-material full colour 3D printer. Now one of their beta customers underlines how powerful the new 3D printer can be.

OtterBox is a well known manufacturer of durable phone and tablet cases. With the use of the new J750 the company managed to print 750 to 1,000 prototypes in just one week. Some in just 24 hours. This fast reaction speed is necessary to stay in business for OtterBox.

Sometimes the company gets the new dimensions for the next iPhone or Galaxy and has to come up with prototypes in 24 hours to make the right decisions for their cases. With the nearly twice as fast printing speed than the previous top of the line 3D printer from Stratasys, the Objet 500 Connex3, and the possibility to print in full colour makes the J750 big upgrade for the development team at OtterBox.

Analysts from Gartner were at the presentation from OtterBox and Stratasys:

At a technology analyst and press briefing on April 1st, Mr. Richardson was not fooling when he said that 3D-printing the tooling used to mass-produce their products is not out the realm of possibility someday. OtterBox has been working on this without success to date, mainly because the current 3D-printable plastics do not withstand high-volume injection molding, but they are not giving up on the concept.

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