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Peachy Printer Fails After Co-Founder Has Stolen 320.000 Dollar

Unfortunately, with the Peachy Printer had a really big project failed. They wanted to create an SLA 3D printer for only 100 Dollars. The project had a big successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Peachy Printer was planned to be a 3D printer for less than 100 CAD. Different to other printers in that price segment the printer should use SLA as printing technique. Normally such printers are much more expensive and so it’s no wonder that the campaign was very successful back in 2013. The team collected 651.000 Dollar on Kickstarter and 74.000 Dollar on Indiegogo. Both campaigns had a funding goal of 50.000 Dollar.

After the campaign the team started with the development – with Rylan Grayston working as head of the company. His partner was David Boe who had the whole money from the Kickstarter campaign on his private bank account. In November 2015 an account for the company was created and David Boe had transferred only 200.000 Dollars. After some research Rylan Grayston has taken notice that David Boe has kept 324.000 Dollar for the building of his private house.


After this bad notice Rylan Grayston went to his lawyer and then to the police. In the next few months David Boe paid some of the money back to the company, but it was only a part of the money needed. Then the company started to completely break apart – even desperate attempts to rescue the company did not work (work without salary and bring in private savings to the company). In a YouTube Video funder Rylan Grayston tries to explain the problem – it was published yesterday. There is also a short explanation on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the complete explanation on the company’s website.

As awful a situation as this is, I have done my absolute best to bring it to a good end.  I’ve also done my absolute best to be transparent about what has happened.  This has been an immensely stressful, challenging, and tiring experience on everyone here at Peachy Printer.  I’m so lucky to have had such amazing people on this team.  No words can bring enough appreciation to those who have supported this project, whether it be with their money, their time, or their ideas.  To those people, I am truly sorry that it has gone down this dark road.  That being said, I am still determined to bring justice to this issue, and a satisfying end to my backers.3dp_peachyprinter_dist_of_funds

It looks like this project has completely failed even though they have collected enough money for it. The comments of the users show that they are really disappointed, sad and angry. Some users have even said that the project was about to fail since the beginning because they have chosen the wrong combination of technique and mechanic:

After I backed the project, I did some more research into their design and I could tell after the first few prints that this “technology” was a dead end. I was just left wondering what would finally come of it. Now I know, lame excuses.

Just the utter lack of any reasonable sample prints is proof enough that this thing is completely dead. If it worked well enough at all, they’d have a couple finished prototypes making all kinds of cool stuff to drive up interest for eventual sales. Nope, nothing to see here…

Another user was also really angry and decided to create a website and work on a class action. More information about this is available on http://classactionpeachy.com/

It’s really bad that this project doesn’t find a nice ending. So many people have supported the project and also many people have worked on it. If a class action is possible or not is not clear at this moment. There is also the small and improbable possibility that Rylan Grayston can get enough money to ship at least some of the 3D printers. All project files are now available on git-hub and you can use them if you want so.