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YouTuber builds pencil sharpener with a 3D printer

In a new video, YouTuber Robert Murray-Smith shows how a historic pencil sharpener from the Victorian era can be recreated using modern 3D printing technology. The mechanism, which consists of gears, was designed on the computer and then printed.

The device, called “The Gem,” is a 19th-century U.S. invention. According to the YouTuber, it features intricate gear mechanics, which is typical of the era. In his video, he models and designs the individual parts in the Tinkercad software.

With the help of 3D printing, the gears and housing parts can then be manufactured true to the original and in working order. The video shows in detail how the components are assembled and explains how the mechanics work. Finally, the YouTuber demonstrates the use of the Victorian pencil sharpener.

According to Murray-Smith, the project is well suited for demonstrating the possibilities of 3D printing and historical mechanics concepts. He makes the 3D model files available for free on the Thingiverse platform.

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