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Peopoly presents new Phenom XXL V2 with higher resolution and Vlare plate

Peopoly launched Phenom XXL in Aug 2020 with great fanfare as Industrial and education users enjoyed the big jump in print volume. Taking cues from 2 years worth of feedback from advanced users in the medical, automobile, and entertainment industries, Peopoly improves XXL further into the next generation of large format MSLA printer, the Phenom XXL V2. 

Phenom XXL V2 – The Giant Phenom

With a build volume of 527 × 296 x 550 mm, Phenom XXL is 500% Bigger than Phenom and over four times bigger than Form 3L+. With an industrial-grade 4K panel, XXL is ideal for high-volume production and extra-large model. With all-new LED array designs, Phenom XXL V2 boosts improved resolution, faster print speed (30%), and lower fan noise due to lower power consumption. XXL V2 also runs the advanced Vlare Core board with speedier processing, multi-exposure, and WiFi connectivity that was not available in the previous version.

Phenom XXL2 is ready for order now and will begin shipping in late November.

Improved LED Array

The all-new LED array parallel lens is critical for XXL V2’s performance. Because the light is more focused with higher intensity, it requires less power and provides higher resolution. The result is a printer that prints quicker and cooler.

Cooler and More stable

We redesigned the power system and the case to integrate the advantages of the new LED system so that XXL V2 consumes less power and runs cooler. The result is a much quieter, more stable, and more energy-efficient printer.

Vlare-powered board for faster and more reliable printing

Peopoly switched to the Vlare Core board for Phenom Forge for better performance, and advanced printing features like multi-exposure and masking are particularly handy with large models. The feedback from users has been phenomenal, and XXL V2 will run on.

Here are Vlare’s advantages:

  • Fast processing time per layer. Shorter printer
  • Multi-zone exposure, strong support
  • Open File Format.
  • Superb Automatic Support and Raft that increase print success rate without being wasteful
  • WiFi connection for wireless printing
  • Advanced AA will be great for large models

Mehr über Peopoly finden Sie hier.

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