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Philament Engineering: PLA filament with very high heat-resistant capability

Designed for high-performance applications, Philament, a Hungary based filament producer has introduced its newest filament, Philament Engineering. Among other unique characteristic it is an extremely heat resistant PLA-based filament. The printed objects could bear up to 140 °C heat, without any heat treatment after printing.

Philament Engineering is much more resistant to other external impacts also than normal PLA: it is a high impact and shockproof product. Therefore this is an excellent filament for printing objects that are exposed to such effects e.g. in industrial environments. The printed objects do not warp and they keep their shape well. Thanks to this characteristics, Philament Engineering can be used in industries for metal replacement also.

“With Philament Engineering we would like to increase the selection of our Philament Technical products, dedicated to industrial needs. The results of the tests and first feedbacks from customers have confirmed our goal, to develop a filament for challenging applications in different industries.“ says Dr. Zsolt Bodnar, CEO of Philament.

Suggested printing temperature: 215 Co, bed temperature: 100 Co. Philament provides its new product in white, black and blue colors, they are available with 1,75 and 2,85 mm diameter also.