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Photocentric introduces Liquid Crystal Magna v.2 LCD 3d-printer

Photocentric, has launched the Liquid Crystal Magna v.2, a completely re-engineered LCD screen-based 3d-printer designed to take additive manufacturing to the next level. The LC Magna v.2 delivers significantly faster print speeds, boosts productivity rates and reduces waste. Versatile and rugged, this brand-new Magna is well suited to small-batch, on-demand or full production applications, and consistently delivers accurate end-use parts at scale at a very low cost per unit.

“Magna is the jewel in the crown of Photocentric, and we’re thrilled to launch this new model which builds on the solid foundations of its predecessor,” says Sally Tipping, Sales Director, Photocentric. “The product development team has maintained everything that has made the LC Magna so popular with our customers – including its impressive build volume – whilst adding a range of features that have boosted print speeds, further improved reliability and substantially increased processing power. We are tremendously excited about the possibilities of the new Magna and can’t wait to see what our customers do with it.”

Thanks to the latest refinements, the LC Magna v.2 offers substantially increased print speeds. For example, 36 Custom Dental Trays (80 mm Z height) at 250μm layers can now be printed in 1 hour 13 minutes, compared with 2 hours 22 minutes on the previous version of the LC Magna. Its new hydrophobic platform has been designed to further boost productivity and reduce waste.

Supported by a comprehensive range of high-performance 3D resins and dedicated post-processing units, this new LC Magna delivers an outstanding value proposition, ideal for a wide range of applications and sectors.

Link: photocentricgroup.com

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