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piùAdditive: additive technology trade fair at fieramilano Rho from 12 to 15 October 2022

EFIM-ENTE FIERE ITALIANE MACCHINE, company specialized in the organization of trade fairs dedicated to capital goods industry, presents “piùAdditive”, the exhibition project (sponsored by AITA-ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA TECNOLOGIE ADDITIVE) dedicated to the additive technologies value chain hosted at 33.BI-MU, the international biennial of machine tools, on stage at fieramilano Rho from 12 to 15 October 2022.

piùAdditive focus will be the international offer of machines, materials, software, products, solutions for testing and postprocessing, software and services related to additive manufacturing, whose presence is increasingly widespread in all the main manufacturing sectors (aerospace, automotive, biomedical, oil & gas, food, etc.).
Protagonists of the exhibition will be manufacturing companies, service centers, universities, research centres and start-ups, which will represent the components of a sector that is rapidly establishing itself at an industrial level, thanks to its versatility, efficiency and sustainability.

piùAdditive distinguishes itself by going beyond the exhibition, acting as a showcase dedicated to the theme of additive manufacturing, which transversally highlights the opportunities offered to all industrial sectors from the point of view of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, a conference session will be organized, with the participation of leading experts of the sector, as well as B2B sessions to combine supply and demand of solutions based on additive technologies, in which experts of supply chains management will be also involved.

Specific cultural initiatives (made in cooperation with AITA-ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA TECNOLOGIE ADDITIVE), such as meetings, demonstrative areas and scientific conferences, will allow the new project to create knowledge and business opportunities for companies, thus laying the foundation for becoming the additive key event.

A further factor giving more value to the presence of those joining the project, which will have great visibility in the context of 33.BI-MU, is the full concomitance (period and venue) with Xylexpo, the international biennial of woodworking technologies and components for the furniture industry, which will further underline the link between the world of manufacturing / capital goods, design and additive manufacturing.

In this sense, piùAdditive will be placed in a high rewarding context for the exhibitors who will find themselves part of a big and unique exhibition dedicated to manufacturing, capable of attracting over 100,000 visitors, representing all the main manufacturing sectors.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that Italy plays a primary role in the applications of the additive sector, both for the manufacturing of machines/products and for R&D activities. All this in a highly dynamic sector, whose turnover is growing in double digits worldwide*: from 12.6 billion dollars in 2020 to 17.6 billion in 2021 (+ 40%) and to 37.2 expected in 2026 (+ 300%).

* Source: https://www.etmm-online.com/trend-report-global-3d-printing-revenues-to-double-by-2024-a-1036303/

Why “piùAdditive”?

piùAdditive goal is to enrich the additive manufacturing sector, with a business instrument going beyond the exhibition.

Taking advantages from 33.BI-MU

  • logistics – the venue is fieramilano, the main Italian exhibition centre located in the European “manufacturing heart”, easily accessible both from Italy and abroad;
  • organization – exploited will be the experience of the team organizing EMO Milano, LAMIERA and BI-MU,exhibitions whose management quality is certified;
  • contiguity with additive technologies sectors, such as capital goods / machine tools as well as applications ranging from aerospace to biomedical, from food to automotive, etc.;
  • turnout of visitors and internationality of the event: 1,000 visitors are expected, of which 20% foreigners. Further added value derives from the contemporaneity with XYLEXPO;

the aim is to create a “total” and targeted event, which allows all current and potential players in additive technologies (whether they are machine builders, producers of additive materials, service centers, quality laboratories, designers, software developers or any other entity involved in this business) to live a full-experience through

  • the possibility to exhibit one’s products and services in a dedicated and focused context as well as to present one’s offer through speeches addressed to the exhibition public;
  • visit a targeted context, which allows to see the productive and organizational advantages connected to this innovative way of producing. This also exploiting the synergies deriving from the combination with 33.BI-MU machine tools;
  • attend conferences, where some of the international “gurus” will present the prospects of the additive sector both from a technical and economic point of view;
  • carry out targeted B2B meetings, in order to effectively and efficiently establish a possible follow-up;
  • know the peculiarities of additive technologies, with informative seminars dedicated to those who are not yet experts;
  • meet start-ups and research centers capable of providing technical ideas and solutions that go beyond the “state of the art”.

piùAdditive wants to realize an exhibition “made by additive for additive”, in order to better meet the needs of the actual and possible players of the sector.

Participation costs are absolutely competitive compared to other events and will be further reduced for AITA members who will send the registration form by January 15, 2022.

Link: https://www.bimu.it/en/manifestazione/piuadditive-the-project-dedicated-to-the-additive-technologies/

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