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PLATINIUM 3D joins the Roboze 3D Parts network to increase the adoption of technology and create value for French companies

PLATINIUM 3D, a consulting and service provider in the field of industrial additive manufacturing (AM), officially joins the Roboze 3D Parts network to increase the adoption of the technology and to create value for French companies with the world’s most industrialized FFF 3D printing solutions for super polymers and composite materials.

France is ranked among the largest European countries in the field of additive manufacturing. The market appears to be mature in all segments of the AM sector: from printers to on-demand manufacturing services and materials. Overall, France counts about 200 companies active in the field of additive manufacturing, 60 R&D centers and 40 clusters and innovation centers.

Among these players, PLATINIUM 3D aims to accompany companies in various business sectors such as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, medical, energy, and mobility toward the acceleration of 3D printing adoption with services ranging from consulting, research, and on-demand production of functional parts and prototypes.

“Our customers needed to increase their printing capabilities with non-metallic solutions to optimize weights and costs of their industrial applications,” says Bruno Flan, Director of PLATINIUM 3D. “We have witnessed Roboze’s ability to satisfy these requests with an additive manufacturing technology characterized by a higher industrialization level than the average in the market. The metal replacement of finished parts with Roboze is not only possible, but also high quality and repeatable.”

Roboze, an Italian-American supplier, is reshaping the manufacturing industry and revolutionizing the world of 3D printing with precise technology for high performance super materials. Roboze produces parts, on-demand, just-in-time and locally through its distributed manufacturing network, Roboze 3D Parts, which enables companies to reduce costs and time by reducing the steps in their supply chain and digitizing their inventory.
With PLATINIUM 3D, Roboze strengthens its presence in France and gets closer to its goal of bringing the value of manufacturing back to the point of use, generating economic benefits for companies, but also territorial, social and environmental benefits for the whole community.

“We are delighted to welcome PLATINIUM 3D to the Roboze 3D Parts network,” says Giancarlo Scianatico, Roboze EMEA Business Director. “I am positive that its comprehensive vision and experience will not only unlock new opportunities for French industrial companies, but also bring added value to our network of Roboze specialized centers. Joining forces and expertise plays a significant role in the digital transformation and in the on-demand and sustainable manufacturing process, and Platinium 3D’s entry into the network represents it all.”

Learn more at: www.roboze.com.

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