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PlayCast presents 3D-printed alternative to plaster casts

Lightweight, breathable and made of recycled plastic: all these properties are not usually associated with a plaster cast. But Playcast, an Italian manufacturer of orthopedic casts, offers a practical alternative to these otherwise rigid orthotics.

Everyone knows or can easily imagine what it means to wear a cast for at least a month and the restrictions that make every single movement difficult. Playcast, a 3D-printed orthopedic cast, was created to apply technical/medical knowledge to make people’s lives easier.

The technology for healing broken bones has not changed since 1851. The idea of Playcast was born from three friends, three different stories, three opposite backgrounds. The common thought was basically the same: they wanted to solve a problem for which there was never a real solution: orthopedic immobilizations (plasters and staples).


Their research and development department is basically divided into 3 main areas:

  • Scanning: With a software, the company uses various scanning technologies and is already developing their patented instant and modular 3D scanning system that allows scans of any anatomical part of the body with one click.
  • Processing: Playcast develops the algorithm that automatically creates a virtual model ready for production based on parameters. It’s like chain production, but customized.
  • Production: Specially modified 3D printers that produce mechanically stable individual pieces in the shortest possible time are finally used. What normally takes more than 10 hours to produce, these manage in less than 2 hours. The result is a two-piece print that is connected with coded and numbered cable ties.

Key features of Playcast

  • Light weight: up to 1/3 the weight of a traditional patch;
  • Sweat resistant: allows you to continue your physical activity;
  • Travel-free: the only aid approved for air travel;
  • Washable: not afraid of any type of water: sea, shower and swimming pool;
  • Hypoallergenic: tested and certified material for contact with the skin;
  • 100% recyclable: in many colors, but always made of recycled plastic;
  • Breathable: no more skin irritation and bad odors;
  • Tailored: Extreme comfort and perfect fit;
  • Transparent x-ray: no need to take them off for x-ray checks.

The company’s main customers include many athletes: they can continue training without any contraindications.

Since the introduction of Playcast, the company has received immediate interest from the orthopedic field and their customers are 100% satisfied. The product is fully customized and the sight of it immediately inspires empathy in even the smallest “patients” who look forward to wearing it. Also because Playcast is available in different colors.

At the moment, Playcast is present in many Italian regions, but they also have many requests from European countries, such as France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Austria and Switzerland. They apply this technology in different sectors: from human with PlayCast, to veterinary with PlayVet, to the world of accessories, for example for horses, and in general where the “customization” represents a real added value.

You can find out more about Playcast at www.playcast.it.

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