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Poietis: Bioprinting Using A Laser

With the help of a laser beam the company Poietis wants to develop a new bioprinting technology: Target of this effort is to develop a possibility to print tissue or even organs.

Previous bioprinters work according to a “simple” concept: The biological material was printed with the help of a small valve. Certainly, this caused a lot of damage to cells and leads to higher rates of cell mortality. The new approach of Poietis is the following: A laser beam is reflected off a mirror and then passes through a layer of bio-ink that precisely deposits cells onto the build plate. This mechanism got the name “Bioimpression 4D” by Poietis. The fourth dimension is the time required for a cellular structure to form.

Poietis says the best resolution they can get now is 20 microns per layer. With this resolution it should be possible to deposit ten-thousand drops per second. The team consists out of 19 experts and the founders Fabian Guillemot and Bruno Bisson. At present, the new technology is still in a research and development stage, but Poietis hopes to release a product onto the commercial market in 2017. Currently, it is possible to print skin – this skin should later be sold to cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries in order to replace animal testing.


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