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polySpectra and Nexa3D introduce COR Materials for Nexa3D customers

With COR Alpha, COR Black and COR Bio, ultra-robust 3D printing resins are now more accessible to Nexa3D customers.

The Nexa3D printers are ultra-fast resin 3D printers for industrial use. Through the new partnership, all Nexa3D printers can now be equipped with COR materials. The COR materials are technical-grade photopolymer resins for additive manufacturing. Applications range from tooling to medical products and electronic connectors. The resins are available in a variety of colors and properties.

Nexa3D users will benefit from expanded capabilities in 3D printing end-use parts that score high on durability, high impact strength, high-temperature performance, and moisture and chemical resistance.

“We are excited to partner with polySpectra to bring their rugged COR materials to our customers,” said Kevin McAlea, PhD, COO of Nexa3D. “This partnership will expand our customers’ ability to print parts with high-performance properties, suitable for both prototyping and end-use production.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Nexa3D to bring our COR materials to their 3D printers,” said Raymond Weitekamp, PhD, Founder and CEO of polySpectra. “This partnership broadens the options for rugged end-use 3D printing resins in the Nexa3D portfolio while enabling applications that were not viable with incumbent resins.”

The special Nexa3D resin cartridges with COR Alpha, COR Black and COR Bio will be available soon. NexaX Pro license holders can start using any of the 405nm resins immediately.

Find out more about Nexa3D at nexa3d.com.

For more information about polySpectra, please visit polyspectra.com.

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