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polySpectra AR: virtual .STL objects could reduce energy usage by 25%

polySpectra a functional material producer for advanced additive manufacturing based in Berkeley (CA) offers with ​polySpectra AR is a free, in-browser Augmented Reality preview of their .STL files, without the need to download any app.

The fascinating tool polySpectra AR can be launched from the native browsers of most iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. Users can also use a uniquely-generated QR code to “hand off” .STL files loaded on a desktop machine, to be viewed in AR on a mobile device or tablet. Once a .STL file is loaded, the color of the component can be chosen and the results can be shared with friends, colleagues, and collaborators using a unique sharing link.

​polySpectra AR is one piece of the company’s broader massless mission, to reduce global energy usage by 25% by the year 2050 with distributed digital manufacturing. Their hope is that engineers will leverage our AR tool for massless prototyping, to quickly iterate on ideas and preview their ideas instantly in their physical space without wasting any time, money, or energy on a “looks like” prototype that will certainly end up in a landfill.

polySpectra AR is completely free and the .STL files are processed privately on your local device and only stored on our encrypted server if you choose to save them or share with others.

(c) Picture & Link: ​polySpectra AR

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