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PrintBite 3D Printing Surface: Better Adhesion, Less Warping and Easy Removal of 3D Prints

Mutley3D, developer of the Flex3Drive Extruder to increase 3D printing speed and precision, also offers a 3D printing surface as an alternative to tape or other materials to enhance print bed adhesion.

PrintBite is made from a specially developed composite material that has been developed an tested by Mutley3D. Available in different sizes, the 0.8 mm thick sheet allows you to print with the vast majority of common available materials such as PLA, ABS, Nylon, Woodlay, PET, PVA, HIPS and flexible filaments on a hot level bed. Not only does PrintBite improve bottom layer adhesion and anable warp free printing, but objects can also be easily removed after. According to the developers, it does not degrade over time and is extremely tough.

Image: Mutley3D
Image: Mutley3D

PritBite will

  • allow improved ease of printing
  • eliminate need for adhesives and potions, tapes and messy preparation
  • allow easy removal of parts once printed and cooled without tack
  • allow warp free printing of the widest possible range of materials
  • improve bottom layer adhesion and printing speeds
  • postively impact upon your whole 3d printing experience
  • increase print success rate
  • allow for some tolerance in poorly levelled beds

You can order PrintBite in various different sizes on Mutley3D’s website, with prices starting at £15.

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