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PrintDry Dry’s Your Filament While Printing

Some of the users that own a 3D printer may have already had problems with moisture filament. PrintDry should help you with this problem and dry your filament fast and efficiently.

PrintDry is a device that can dry and store your filament. To dry moist filament it uses a built-in electrical dehumidifier. When you want to start printing very fast you can also print while the filament is dried. Therefor PrintDry is equipped with a rotatable plate where a filament reel can be placed. Above the rotatable plate a second layer can be placed to dry filament. To ensure that the device works at high efficiency the filament can be heated up to 70 degree – this may also cause better printing characteristics because of the pre heated filament. A table shows how fast a 500 gram of filament may be dried.

PrintDry_drying_timesThe Canadian start-up wants to start selling PrintDry in July 2016. If you want you can pre-order it on the company’s website.

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