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Printelize Launches Online Sales Platform for 3D Printing Service Providers

Founded in 2014 and previously known as Printify, the e-commerce solution Printelize was set up by a team of Polish software professionals and 3D printing experts. The online sales platform is targeted at 3D printing service bureaus, as an affordable solution to help them process their orders.

The subscription based software service Printelize Professional allows customers to upload their models, configurate the print and automatically receive a quote before placing their order. All of that can be available under your own domain name and with your own branding, as the platform is offered as a white-label solution. With a price starting from € 150 per month and a free trial version it is an affordable proposal for 3D bureaus of any size and probably cheaper than creating a static website.


By using Printelize Professional preparation of quotes for your customers requires nothing more than an upload of a 3D model file and selection of print parameters. The system will calculate prices together with shipping costs based on the initial account settings. Alternatively, you can create quotes for your customers and send them out from the system.


Printelize Professional comes with lots of useful features like dynamic pricing formulas (with Excel-like syntax), inventory and consumables management. Apart from that, it allows for email templates configuration, management of color schemes and creation of salesperson accounts. 3D bureaus owners may decide if they make the platform publicly available or just accessible to selected customers.

For all our readers the Printelize team offers a special deal, when using the voucher code “3PRINTRCOM” (valid until the end of November). It gives you three months of unlimited use completely free of charge.