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Production of Sensor mounting with LCM-Technology

Sensor mounting parts are used in the field of measurement and testing technology frequently under extreme conditions. Beside high thermal and chemical resistance the mounting parts have to be electrically insulating.

Because of these specific requirements ceramics are the material of choice due to their excellent material properties for the production of sensor mounting parts.

Next to the specific material requirements this case study shows the necessity of various design alterations (e.g. length) regarding the position of the sensor mounting part. The above mentioned design shows an example of a part being produced with PIM, which can only after the production of suitable tools work cost efficiently with very high quantities.

Production of sensor mounting parts via powder injection moulding:

  • Cost efficient production of lot sizes of 100.000+
  • Production time for sensor mounting parts: 4pcs/minute
  • Production of a multi-component tooling due to the production part complexity
  • Tooling costs: € 25.000
  • Production time for tooling: 2 months


  • Very high costs for small scale series up to a few hundred pieces
  • Design alterations and consequently tooling changes lead to high additional tooling costs
  • Long tooling production cycles hinder a fast market introduction of new products


  • Production of sensor mountings using the LCM-technology by Lithoz
  • Material: Aluminium oxide
  • Production time: 16 pieces / 10 hours


  • Cost-effective production method for small scale series up to 800 pieces
  • No tooling costs because the parts are produced directly from CAD-data
  • Design variations can be realized very easily and fast directly from the computer facilitating a fast market launch of new products
  • The sensor mountings which are produced with the LCM-technology have the same shape and the same mechanical and chemical properties as conventionally produced parts!

Conclusion of Dr. Johannes Patzer:

“The presented case study shows that the LCM-technology of Lithoz is a useful and cost-effective supplement for powder injection moulding. The LCM-Technology offers a tool-free manufacturing process with which small scale series and shape variations can be realized very quickly and inexpensively. The manufactured components are in their properties identical to conventionally manufactured components.”

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