Home Industry Prodways Partners with Benelux Distributor LAYaLAY

Prodways Partners with Benelux Distributor LAYaLAY

3D printer manufacturer has signed a distribution agreement with LAYaLAY, covering Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

LAYaLAY, which stands for “Layer after layer” or “Lay a layer”, has been active as a distributor of 3D printers for over 12 years. The company will resell Prodways’ SLS 3D printer range including materials throughout the Benelux region.

Malcolm Riesewijk, General Manager at LAYaLAY comments: “LAYaLAY is extremely pleased to be working in partnership with Prodways. Without Prodways, the picture of 3D printing is not complete. Our notion of how to best serve our customers is in-line with that of Prodways; the open structure and their innovative technology is exactly what LAYaLAY and our customers are searching for.”

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