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Prodways unveils at Lab Day Chicago the first end-to-end Clear Aligners Manufacturing Ecosystem

To address the growing need for reliable, high throughput manufacturing systems for clear aligners, Prodways has developed – in close collaboration with the top leaders in digital dentistry, 3Shape, Full Contour, Imes-Icore and Dreve – the Clear Aligners Manufacturing Ecosystem.

Clear Aligners are indeed experiencing a very significant growth as they are gaining market shares for orthodontics treatment and as a new market for cosmetic teeth re-alignment is opening up. Many dental players are moving into this field and require distinctive solutions to design and manufacture clear aligners. With the Clear Aligners Manufacturing Ecosystems, Prodways provides to its clients the first end-to-end digital manufacturing offer.

3D Scanning, Data preparation, Treatment design, 3D printing, Thermoforming, Laser marking and Trimming: the new Ecosystem provides a seamless hardware/software integration between each of these steps, with a high level of automatization.

The Ecosystem brings to the market three key advantages:

  • Unbeatable productivity (up to 1200 aligners manufactured per day), and low cost-per-part
  • Smooth Manufacturing flow thanks to the interoperability between each element of the Ecosystem
  • Certainty of results and shorter time to market The Clear Aligner Manufacturing Ecosystem includes also treatment design services.

The combined knowledge of the four leaders in digital dentistry has made this Ecosystem possible, bringing an incredible added value to dental labs looking for a solid partner, and a consistent and reliable solution for the serial manufacturing of clear aligners.